Showcasing nzstudstock to bring buyers and sellers together.

The world has changed and nzstudstock wants to help solve the new reality that limits on-farm visits for cattle bidding and auctions. The professional videographers and website developers of nzstudstock are bringing buyers and sellers together. Now it is possible to reach more buyers and sellers than ever before.

It’s simple.

nzstudstock makes life easier for the online buyer.

  • One platform where stock listings from multiple sellers are conveniently grouped.
  • Create watch lists from multiple sellers and get email reminders when auctions are near commencement.
  • All this convenience at no cost to the buyer.

nzstudstock makes life easier for the online seller.

  • Our professional videographers film your stock on-farm, then edit and upload files to your own business profile we provide. Your profile file will also include information about your business, contact details and your present and past sales.
  • Professionally photographed and videotaped bulls are “showcased” on your profile and can be shared on multiple auction platforms, reaching a large online audience.
  • Good visuals sell – your stock with professional imagery will ultimately raise the top price paid.
  • Buyers can add your animals to their “watch list” and will be reminded when the sale is starting.
  • Affordable pricing based on number of animals. There are no other costs. nzstudstock does not take a commission.